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Article summary The article examines the scandal of Volkswagen scandal of green revenue manipulation and its significance in corporate governance. The Volkswagen emissions affected 11 million global consumers.  The Volkswagen scandal concerns the Uber global brand, which is seen as dependable by the business executives and ordinary families (Adams, 2015). The Volkswagen scandal is due to …

Introduction The Pike River mine tragedy was preventable since its primary cause was the use of the pit before it was ready. The utilization of the mine before its completion created the circumstances that led to the explosion. Moreover, there were safety reports and possible safety accountability issues that the mine’s management ignored or was …

 Part B: Reflection of Individual Experience of The Teamwork A personal reflection on the group work will provide substantial on different experiences faced while completing the assignment. Notably, teamwork was vital in the analysis of the Pike River Mine Disaster due to the diversity of information caused by the allocation of tasks to unique and …

Abstract G2V Trading is a Brazilian-based company that deals in the trading of printer cartridges. The company imports cartridges from China and sells them in Brazil. The Company imports the cartridges in bulk and sells them to other retailers in the country. This is a start-up company that is to being its operations in November, …

Literature review Various scholars have been developed to describe the reasons behind resistance to change. According to Austin and Ciaassen (2008), while analyzing the impact of evidence-based practice on organizational culture and culture, some of the reasons put forward for change resistance include readiness, receptivity, technical knowledge, and efficacy. While readiness describes aspects related to …

Creatures of land and water, and particularly the anurans (frogs and amphibians), show a more noteworthy assorted variety of conceptive modes than other tetrapod vertebrates. This paper reports new conceptive modes in anurans, watched for species from the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. Study of frogs Expansion of regenerative mode is a huge issue in the …

A highly self-motivated chemist keen to ensure excellence in chemical analysis I hereby apply for this position as my skills and interests, including my Master’s degrees in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, will enable me to provide the much-needed support in chemical analysis to your highly esteemed organisation using the latest analytical instruments. My bachelors and …

Introduction A dabbawala is a person in India who carries and delivers fresh home-made food in lunch boxes to office workers in the metropolitan area of Mumbai and other cities. The dabbawalas were formerly known as the Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Association (MTBSA) but most people refer to them as simply dabbawalas. The concept itself …

In an article found on National Public Radio website, Rob Stein reported the advancement of science in the genetic field following plans by Fredrick Lanner, a developmental scientist, to carry out genetic modification of a healthy human embryo. The article points out how genetic modification in human embryos will be carried out by Lanner and …

Work motivators Superior performance in firms often require some form of extrinsic motivation. Money is a good external motivation for high performance in organizations, especially for average employees. Generally, reward for high performance is a strong impetus for working hard. Good compensation and benefits are fundamental in creating a productive culture structured around performance-based rewards …

Psychological trigger The words ‘you are fired’, are some of the most dreaded within the work environment and for good reason. It has a psychological trigger with self-worth, ability to cope within a competitive industry and feelings of happiness. The typical individual will be at a loss concerning their sense of direction and in some …

Experienced workers Like most employers, I would prefer hiring experienced workers to inexperienced workers. The efficiency of any organization is dependent on the amount of input of each worker. Hiring experienced workers is imperative in increasing organizational efficiency because they are well equipped in handling tasks. Moreover, experienced workers are more dedicated compared to inexperienced …



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