5 Rights of Nursing Delegation

Right Task
The right task is one that you delegate for a specific patient such as tasks that are repetitive, require little supervision, are relatively noninvasive, have results that are predictable, and have potential minimal risk.
Right Circumstances
Consider the appropriate patient setting, available resources, and other relevant factors. In an acute care setting patients’ conditions often change quickly. Use good clinical decision making to determine what to delegate.
Right Person
The right person is delegating the right tasks to the right person to be performed on the right person.
Right Direction/Communication
You give a clear, concise description of the task, including its objective, limits, and expectations. Communication needs to be ongoing between the registered nurse and NAP during a shift of care.
Right Supervision/Evaluation
Provide appropriate monitoring, evaluation, intervention as needed, and feedback. NAP need to feel comfortable asking questions and seeking assistance.
What are the 5 Rights of Delegation?