Hiv (Si Heidi, Ivy, V)

HIV (Si Heidi, Ivy, at V) This film is about a man named Gil Bustamante Hired by the DOH (Department of Health) to do a documentary for their HIV/AIDS awareness program, He is a young filmmaker. Using San Lazaro Hospital as a backdrop, he weaves a tale that combines various stories of people infected with the virus. Among those having their story told are heterosexuals, homosexuals, prostitutes, and intravenous drug users. The first victim he met is named Heidi, an ordinary housewife who contracted the virus from her philandering OFW husband.

He died of AIDS three years ago, leaving her alone to care for their 9 year old son, Victor also an HIV patient. The second one is Ivy, a young call center agent who discovers she is HIV positive when she tries to apply for work abroad. Her plans for a new life abroad destroyed, she must now face the world – her work, family, and friends – with a mistake from her past And lastly, Vanessa a cheerful young gay and stand-up comedian who engages in different sexual pleasures with multiple partners.

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He, with his very supportive parents, are willing and eager to  share his story for his own reasons, Gil is obsessed with finishing the documentary, even if some of his key subjects have either died or backed-out of the project. He learns that the fight against HIV/AIDS is not solely the responsibility of the government – it is a fight that demands responsible action from every individual. In the end, he is triumphant in finishing the documentary as well as being able to face his own greatest fear. After the film showing, the doctor discussed about the difference of HIV and AIDS.

HIV, is a virus while AIDS is a disease which makes the immune system weaker. Virus can be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse with an HIV-infected person, sharing drug injection equipment (needles and/or works); or being accidentally stuck by needles or sharp objects contaminated with infected blood, infected blood used in transfusions, pregnancy, childbirth, and/or breastfeeding, where the virus is passed from mother to child. This film aims to increase HIV/AIDS awareness among the youth, encourage awareness of possible risks to HIV and provide relevant information on available HIV series. Kimberly Jane C. Casupanan BSP – 1D



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