Medical Terminology and Healthcare Setting &

TBLS Week 1- TBLS Assignment BC1030X: Medical Terminology and Healthcare Setting & Claims Processing (7-30-2012) Section 13 Melissa Brown | Doing the exercises allows us to really look at how we can determine our future by enforcing positive thoughts and “self-talk”. OR we can destroy all possibilities by succumbing to negative” self-talk. ” Today I made a conscious effort to push out of my head any negative “self-talk”. While I enhanced the positive “self-talk. ” Doing both exercises allows me to really see the effects of both.

I had never realized how my thinking and attitude plays such a vital role in every aspect of my life. The exercise allows me to see how I can take control over my future and even my today. How do I see myself? Well, self-examination allows me to see how my personality can positively affect others and more importantly… myself. I am making an effort this entire week to use nothing but positive self-talk, action, behavior in every aspect of my life. I never realized how much a negative attitude, disposition and outlook affects me as a person. I have been unemployed for almost 4 months.

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I thought I had a job however, something went wrong with the drug test or background test and I just know they are avoiding me. I never heard of any test that takes a month to come back, so I assumed something went wrong. However, I just decided to keep putting in applications and I refuse to allow that to get me down. Positive thinking allows me to keep going with a smile on my face. I am grateful because I have a family that chips in and we will be ok. I found out what is necessary and actually what isn’t a necessity. And we are doing ok. I accredited God for that.

So in that aspect a positive attitude allows me to wake up in the morning with a plan of action and I am actually enthused about it. That enthusiasm allows me to stay positive, think positively and make my day a pleasant day with all kinds of new possibilities. How I feel about myself inside reflects how others will see me. A smile can be contagious. If I am positive others around me will be as well. Self-examination and having control of our thoughts is something that I am sure with practice I can master. We will always have challenges and obstacles.

I have learned how we see them, deal with them and behave plays a vital role in the overall outcome. I have faith and devoted to the most high, as a servant I believe that he gives us the empowerment to control ourselves in a manner that allows us personal growth, strength and control over ourselves. We can benefit by staying positives self-examination, and correction and that is shown in our attitude, behavior and focused on our goals. Exercise: TBLS-self talk snapshot What’s going on up there http://www. positive-thinking-for-you. com/positivethinking. html



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