Sociology Ch. 9 Questions

In global perspective, the richest 20 percent of all people earn about what share of the entire world’s income?
80 percent

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The United States, Canada, and Japan are all
high-income countries
Low-income nations
are found mostly in Africa and Asia
China and India are now
among the world’s middle-income nations
Which of the following is the range of annual personal income for people living in middle-income nations?
$2,500 to $10,000
How does poverty in poor nations compare to poverty int he United States?
In poor nations, there is far more absolute poverty.
Neocolonialism refers to the process by which
multinational corporations dominate the economy of a poor country
Which of the following statements is the basis of modernization theory?
The main cause of poverty in the world is low productivity due to simple technology and traditional culture.
According too Walt Rostow, which is the final stage of economic development?
high mass consumption
Dependency theory differs from modernization theory by saying that
global stratification results from the exploitation of poor countries by rich countries.


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